Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me...

Well, today is my birthday! I received a phone call from Travis a little while ago...he called while on break to wish me a Happy Birthday!! He and Tony sent me a birthday package that was too big for our mailbox, so I have this wonderful peach slip of paper that says I can pick it up on Monday! If the post office had not been closed in observance of Thanksgiving on Friday, I would know what was in that package!

You know just the thought that went behind sending that package is precious to me!!!

UPDATE: Tony called on his last break and after wishing me a Happy Birthday, he share with me some of the properties that were listed in a magazine he was looking at...they were all above $500,000.00 and counting! Someday!!!

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The artwork used on this blog is created by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Share Your Thanksgiving Memories...

To all our family and friends,
I hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Share your Thanksgiving traditions, memories, what you are thankful for and favorite recipes here...

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Parents are Veterans...

Both my parents were in the Army when they met. I wrote about their 56 day whirlwind romance that has lasted for 48 years earlier this year. They actually celebrate 48 years this December 1st. I mention it again because of it being Veteran's Day today.

I have been very proud of my parents for being in the Army and for their achievments while enlisted and that they were both "Honorably Discharged". Daddy's tours took him from boot camp in El Paso, Texas to Hawaii, Korea, and then San Antonio, Texas. Momma completed boot camp at Fort McClelland, Alabama and was transfered to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.

I can remember stories that my dad told of his service years. Three stick out in my memory. Daddy was detached to Hq 728th Military Police Battalion APO 301 (Korea) as a MP (Military Policeman). Once while he was leaning against the car he drove for the General he was shot at from the north side of the line of demarcation between North and South Korea. The General was in a very important meeting that was instrumental in calling for peace.

The next memory takes us to our house in Southern Nevada, when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. One of mother's brothers was visiting us from Texas. Because all the grown ups had serviced time in the Army, the two men starting sharing their service stories. My Uncle started off by telling of when he was stationed in Hawaii.

There was one particular night that he was out a little too late. He ran the gate and disappeared into the post on his motorcycle. At this point my Dad asked him where he hid. My Uncle proceeded to tell him that he had slide the motorcycle back underneath the grandstand bleachers and stayed there until the MP returned to his post at the front gate.

You can image everyone's surprise (especially the two men) when my dad exclaimed, "So, that's where you hid!" It turned out that my Dad was the MP that was looking for the guy on the motorcycle! They didn't know each other at the time and it was not until Daddy was transferred to San Antone that he met Momma.

The third memory is more of a picture in my mind of Daddy and three of his MP buddies. All four of them were 6' 6" tall and were quite a site when they wore their chrome domes (helmets) and stood guard for one important meeting or another!

Daddy reached the rank of SP4 (E-4) and received badges for Expert Rifle, Expert Pistol, the Marksman Badge (Rifle), Expert Badge (B. MG Cal. 30 & S. MG Cal. 45) and a Letter of Appreciation for his tour in Korea. He served for a total of 4 years, 2 months and 21 days.

Momma was only in the Army for 1 year, 2 months and 25 days, however she excelled during her enlistment. She reached the rank of Pfc(E-3) when she was Honorably Discharge for Sec III AR 615-361 SPN 221 Pregnancy (me!) Her specialty was Junior Draftsman and she worked in the burn unit as well. If she had not been pregnant she would have been sent off to officer's training.

I am proud not only of my parents, but the family members that served and are serving now, the veterans of all the wars and all the military personnel that are serving right now. We thank you for the sacrifices you have made and are making every day...May the war on terror end so that you can come home!

Posts by fellow bloggers on the same subject:
Question: Do you know the difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day...
In England they commemorate Remembrance Day...

p.s. My Grandfather passed away on this day 16 years ago...

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

100th POST - Children of the Desert by Bebe Rich...

Children of the Desert
A Children's Story* by Bebe Rich

Her grandparents headed west in the late 1800’s with just a prairie schooner pulled by two horses, and their possessions. As a teacher and farmer Grandpa and Grandma, were looking forward to starting a new life out west. It was early spring before they could get together all the supplies they would need and enough money to start this trip alone. They would have to depend on hunting, fishing, and their wits to keep alive.

Grandpa and Grandma decided on a southern route so that they would have more of a chance of surviving the trip. Heading out from Moulton, Iowa they dropped down through Springfield, Missouri by pra
irie schooner. In Springfield they put their wagon, team, possessions and themselves on the train to Denver, Colorado. At Denver they took the narrow gauge railroad south to Durango. After arriving in Durango they took the prairie schooner, the team of horses and their possessions off the train and headed south through New Mexico.

Stopping in Farmington, New Mexico for four years, to farm vegetables for a little while, Grandpa earned enough money to continue west. When Grandpa and Grandma started on their journey they had two sons with them. Frank was four years old and his younger brother Jamie was only 18 months old.

As they traveled down the Coronado Trail through eastern Arizona, Grandpa had to tie trees to the back of the wagon to help them down the steep places. Their
plan was to head through the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona to homestead the rich, fine farm land in the Imperial Valley of California.

Everything went as well as could be expected. It was not easy, and they endured many hardships, such as harsh weather, the fear of Indians and Grandma was going to have another baby. One early spring day they began to look forward to the bright slightly windy day with the cactus and surrounding mountains that were new to them. On this day one of their horses died.

Grandpa got down from the wagon first and helped Grandma get down. The boys had already jumped out of the bac
k of the wagon to see why they had stopped in the middle of the trail. Grandpa rode into the next little town and bought a new horse. Because the cost of a new horse took half of their savings, they decided to head back. Grandpa and Grandma bought 160 acres with the last of their savings and went on to have eight more children who lived and died on this homestead in a small farming community, along the Gila River.

Grandpa and Grandma's third son, my Daddy married Mama and they had eight children. This saga continues through the eyes of the seventh child, Maizy...

Chapter 1
Searching for The Reason of Life
(Maizy - The Seventh Child)
Hi, my name is Maizy. I was born in the early 1900's on the old Lago ranch, in a little homestead house. This story takes place in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When I was 13 months old we moved to a small town down south, so that Daddy could work as an electrician in the copper mine.

I am the seventh of eight children so when I was born, rich relatives of Mamas’ asked to adopt me. They would name me Bebe and they would see to it that I had everything that I needed. I would go to the very best college and have every advantage of being their only child. I would inherit all their land, buildings and money.

Nevertheless, there was a different plan for my life and Mama and Daddy would not let them adopt me, so I started my life among my brothers and sisters. My
oldest sister was Bessie who was nine years older than me, then came Annie, Elwood, Buddy, Alicia, and Richie. A year after I was born, I got a baby sister, Jackie.

I started searching for why we were on earth in the second grade by questioning “what is beyond life and what is beyond that and so on...” Because of the tans and browns of the houses, buildings, desert and the surrounding mountains, other colors seemed to stand out to me. I loved to look at the horizons; I would get up in the mornings and wonder where did it all come from? How come I get to live in the middle of it? Who made it?

I remember loving the Arizona clouds and would think about what was beyond the clouds, trying to imagine what was there, then wondering what was beyond that which was beyond the clouds, and so on and so on until I realized that I had to stop. As happens in everyone’s lives, there were circumstances that I believe lead to the answers to my questions.

When I was in the fourth or fifth grade we lost one of our friends. His name was Clyde and because his last name came after my last name alphabetically, he always stood in line after me. His father owned the Indian Trading Post out on the reservation. Clyde and his mom lived in town and on the weekends would go out to see his dad. One time on the way back to town, the truck hit a pot hole or something and flipped the truck. Clyde was underneath and with broken bones, his mom picked the truck up off of her son. It was too late. Clyde was gone.

Because of Clyde's death, the fact that I had a temper, and that my flaxen blonde hair was turning light orange, I was really touchy for about a year afterwards. Anything done to me would make me cry. My brothers and sisters closer to my age spent their time tormenting me to see if they could make me cry. They would call me names like cotton-top, carrot-top, and spitfire.

Mama would get after them, but one day she called me down into the cellar and told me that if I kept on crying they would keep up the tormenting. That worked, I was not about to let them do that to me!

...I got bit by a black widow spider...
...In a ditch in front of the old homestead,
I nearly drowned before Beth pulled me out...

We did not see much color except when the cactus and wild flowers bloomed after a big rain. Colors and details started having a special place in my life. Mama took pictures of us out among the wildflowers and the cactus. Both my younger sister, Jessie and I were wearing brilliant dark blue short sleeved sweater outfits with yellow and red stripes across the yokes.

I remember one time, a construction company came to town with graders and all their equipment. The graders were painted dusty colors like rosy pink, light lavender, powder blue, dusty green, pale orange and creamy yellow; and I would look at them and think that they were the most beautiful things in the world.

*This children's story is drawn from true events in history.
If some of the details are not as they should be,
it is because we are seeing through the eyes of a child.

p.s. If you are curious as to how Sharon Lynne of California Breeze and myself found out that we were related, follow the link to: You're not going to believe this...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Notes joins Blogging Chicks...

This blog is totally an all girl blog! Notes is my personal blog. I think that this Texan has been living in California too long. I just said "totally"! For right now even the animals listed in the sidebar are girls and even though I will be adding a couple of boys to the sidebar, they will be outnumbered...sorry guys!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Continuing Review of the B.V.F.F.C...

It's time for a coffee break to see what is happening on the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival...

In the last post we explored the first six posts and learned what to do with Pumpkin Seeds, listened to Halloween memories, learned about the status of pumpkins in England, viewed some fall pictures from my computer, read a ghost story of a Woman in White on All Hallows Eve, and walked through a Canadian November!
Tonight we looked at some Handmade Thanksgiving cards and stickers, voted for a favorite paper doll outfit for Rachel, found out the reason The Uncarved Pumpkin, read Of Course It's All About Me, scooted really fast over to gather some Oooey Gooey Pumpkin Treats after reading an ominous Scary Story!

What is in store for us tomorrow night? You can find out earlier, by traveling to Texas with a click of your mouse, with a visit to the carnival yourself!!!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Review of the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival...

With a warm cup of coffee in hand and a spin of my mouse, I traveled to Texas for the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival hosted by CyberCelt!

Find out what to do with Pumpkin Seeds, listen to Halloween memories, learn about the status of pumpkins in England, view some fall pictures from my computer, read a ghost story of a Woman in White on All Hallows Eve, and walk through a Canadian November in the first segment of the carnival!

More to read tomorrow or you can go ahead of me right now!!!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Pictures from My Computer...

Fall Pictures from my Computer
When I started checking on what I would enter in the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival, hosted by CyberCelt over at Advertising For Success, I wasn't sure that I would be able to find anything. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love watching the trees turn color and don't mind when the yard fills with leaves.

So, I decided to look through the pictures on my computer to see if I had any "fall pictures" to share...each picture in the slide show above was created with autumn corners drawn by my mother, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. These pictures were taken in the fall or represent the fall time of year:

  1. Decorating for Thanksgiving 2005. These pumpkin, sheep, rabbits, jack rabbits, roosters and laying hens are painted on plywood. My mother painted these back in 2003 for the Franklin Field Horseman's Association Octoberfest.
  2. The Ash trees over at the stables in autumn color. This is where our horses lived until they moved to Texas this fall.
  3. The ranch in the fall. (This was our friends ranch where my sons did some day riding.)
  4. Ponying the colt and mares on a fall day. All five of the Mustang horses were adopted from the BLM.
  5. Rueben and Rachel in their Thanksgiving outfits.
  6. The ranch on a fall morning.
  7. "Covered Bridge 'n' The Fall" design. The picture is painted on wood by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. We used this design to create a birthday card for my mother's sister.
"With the colorful leaves fluttering in the wind on a beautiful fall day,
And the reflection in the creek adding to this picturesque view,
We send this message hurriedly on it’s way,
With Birthday wishes just for you!"
Written by Janey Loree ~ October 11, 2007

Thank you for stopping by,

Janey Loree

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Notes Goes To The Carnivals...

Blog Village Quarterly Carnival Fall Fest October 29, 2007
It is time for the Quarterly Carnival over at BLOG VILLAGE which is hosted by Advertising for Success. The theme for this carnival is "Fall Fest"...
"Deadline for entries has been extended to Sunday, October 28th by midnight. For entries after that date, mail directly to Success at CoolAdz dot com.

Share your Halloween posts about easiest homemade costumes, funniest Halloween trick ever, best homemade treats, spooky stories, haunted houses-- you name it. Write about family activities that you do instead of trick or treating.

If you do not celebrate Halloween, then share your favorite thoughts about Fall. Fall color, Fall traditions, Fall crafts, family reunions, harvest recipes and handmade gifts."
England goes GONZO Carnival
Naomi over at Diary from England hosted this carnival back in September, however with the nature of blog carnivals it will always be available!
BLOG VILLAGE Carnival: Recreation
This carnival had a great turn out of 25 posts and is BLOG VILLAGE's 3rd Quarter Blog Carnival! Cybercelt over at Texas RV Blog did a great job hosting this carnival.

These blog carnivals are a great way to get to know other bloggers, next time you set down with a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a blog carnival!!!

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Notes has added Daily Manna...

Notes finally found a site that has a daily scripture javascript available to add to this blog! Over at another fellow BLOG VILLAGER's blog, Gatekeeper's "Pieces of Me", I followed the link to If you would like to read the selected verse please scroll down to the bottom of the posts to the
image and enjoy!

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The Benefits of Grapefruit...

Grapefruits have always been a favorite fruit of mine, however when I ran across a post by Jackie, a fellow BLOG VILLAGER over at The Vegan Diet, I knew that I had been missing a delicious opportunity to help me loose weight! I've tried the "Grapefruit Diet" with success I might say. Follow this link to recipes and the benefits of this delicious fruit as well as other healthful posts.

I also noticed that she has posted the BLOG VILLAGE Quarterly Blog Carnival banner for the Fall Fest Carnival that will be held October 29 over at Cybercelt's Advertising For Success blog. I need to get busy and add the banner and submit my posts!

The grapefruit art spark (image) used in this post was created by my mother, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. It is of the blonde variety that does not contain lycopene.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

"Madame Curie"...

I had the opportunity to watch Greer Garson in another memorable movie, Madame Curie. The last movie was Random Harvest. This black and white film set in Paris, is outstanding. Greer plays Marie Sklodowska, a young Polish student of science who has the tenacity and enduring character that it takes to discover a new scientific element "laying the foundation for future discoveries in nuclear physics and chemistry".

Along the way she falls in love with Professor Curie, played by Walter Pidgeon, and together they embark on an adventure of a lifetime that wins them the Nobel Prize in Physics. Marie is fascinated by the discovery that pitchblende radiates light without being exposed to sunlight. After marrying Pierre Curie, she continues her doctoral study in her husbands lab working on finding out why this is possible.

Marie and Pierre work very hard (physically as well as mentally) to discover a minute element that they call radium. They use a process of crystallization to boil down 8 tons of pitchblende ore. Several years later when they get to what they think is their last test, they are discouraged that they don't find crystals of radium in the bottom of the bowl. Only a stain. They end up going to a New Year's Eve party, all the while Marie can't let go of why they failed in separating the radium.

Later that night, or early morning when Marie is telling Pierre about her concerns they realize that "it may only be a matter of quantity and that stain could be radium!" As Pierre unlocks the door, they can see through the shed windows a glow coming from test bowl number 5677!

On the day that Pierre and Marie are to dedicate a new laboratory to further their explorations in science, Pierre is struck down by a horse drawn delivery wagon and dies instantly. In the movie, the professor that introduced Marie to Pierre comes to her aide, when she is stunned into inactivity by her husbands' death. He reminds her of something he said, in a lecture 9 years before, in his classroom at the University of Paris. He was drawing the analogy that not very many students reach for a star and touch it with their fingertips to achieving ones life goals. As she sits in a state of depressed silence, he tells her that she has achieved what others have not and that there are other stars "out there"!

Marie goes on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, being the only women to be awarded the prize in two different fields of science.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

A Touch of Melancholy...

As you may or may not know, both my sons have been transfered to Texas! They are settling in and feeling like they never left 19 years ago. We have always talked about going back and now they are there.

They took back all five of our horses and four of the dogs. The first line of "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" keeps playing over and over in my mind. But the words are changed a little...I left my heart in Pecos, Texas!

The reason being, after we completed all our chores on Friday nights we had a tradition of settling down in front of the television set with our dinner meal (homemade or take-out) and watched "Stargate", "Stargate Atlantis" or a rented movie or two.

I am feeling a touch of melancholy tonight...

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Keeping In Touch...

Homespun items available in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe.

When you set down to your correspondence, use a flowery sheet of lined stationery, complimented by a matching envelope and seal. Fold the sheet in half to slip it into a matching "Thinking of You" note card that lets your recipient know you are keeping in touch "Just Because" or by saying "Thank You", "Your Welcome" or "Get Well".

Just think how nice it would be to receive a flowery card in the mail instead of just bills, advertisements, and junk mail! Knowing that someone took the time tosit right down and write themselves a letter to you! Send a postcard to advertise your business or upcoming special event.

To present an unusual gift, gather together these matching items in a sturdy paper gift bag. Select an all-occasion card that matches the occasion, combine note cards, post cards, a paper doll book,
a paper doll coloring book, and scrapbook stickers. Enhance with a matching bookmark, pocket calendar, shopping list, and theme booklet, adding the final touch of a matching gift card to the outside of the gift bag.

For an extra personal touch, personalize the stationery, all-occasion card and gift bag label.
Add your name to a paper doll, too! Choose from the "Universal Paper Dolls", the "Universal Paper Kids", and the "Friends of the World" paper dolls.

Pick out a paper doll, add her stationery, greeting and note cards, bookmarks, calendars, scrapbook stickers,shopping lists, theme booklets, and gift bags. Each doll has a full wardrobe of paper clothes. There are many "art sparks" included to enhance each page of paper clothes.
Just click on the shopping cart(s) to purchase.

"Art sparks" is the special name we gave the clip art that surrounds each page of paper clothes.

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The Fisher Family Singers: Nashville Bound...

Back in May of 1999, I had the opportunity to record a couple songs in Nashville. After all the details were worked out, Travis Lee, Anthony Wayne and I hooked up the Avion trailer to our '92 Chevy Van and headed to Nashville. I just wish that my dad had been able to go back with us. Then he would have been able to do the harmony on "Cowboy You're Different" by Bobby D. Reed and "If Love Were A Flower" by Don Harp!

Janey Loree's Nashville CD

The inscription inside the CD Jacket reads:

To thank everyone that gave a part of their lives to make these songs a part of mine, would fill up several pages. Without performing with my father, George Harvey, my brother, Douglas Wayne and my boys Travis Lee and Anthony Wayne, as the Fisher Family Singers, this would not have been a possibility. To keep me going, I have my greatest critic and friend, my mother Phyllis Mae. Working with Shawn Gray and Michael R. Radford was a pleasure and the musicians and background singers were awesome. Thank you guys, you were great!!! Also, to the songwriters, without your songs this wonderful experience just wouldn't have happened! Thank you God for making "Cowboys Different" and allowing us to love again even when love does "Slip Through Our Fingers Like Sand".


Janey Loree

The songs were recorded at the Legends Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. After meeting the producer, Michael R. Radford from A.M.I. Records, Shawn Gray my A.M.I. agent led me into the sound booth where I was introduced to the band! Ronnie Godfrey sat at the grand piano in the middle of the room, Tom Wild sat with his leg in a cast and a lead guitar in his arms backed up to the vocal sound booth, Dave Pomeroy was in the corner behind Ronnie and across from Tom with his bass guitar, while Mike Johnson and his drums were relegated to a sound booth all to himself. The acoustic guitar player, Leo Jackson
was right out side the vocal sound booth door and the background singers Stephen Hill and Margie Cates recorded their parts in a different session on a later date.

After introductions, I was lead into a sound booth where I donned the earphones. There was a microphone hanging from the ceiling between me and a big sound proof window and a music stand. If I strained real hard I could see another huge sound proof window to the left behind Tom and Dave where the engineer, David Boyer sat behind his mixing board! In front of the mixing board sat Travis Lee and Anthony Wayne on a huge 10' long sofa.

I place my copy of the words to both songs on the music stand and waited for David to give me some tips as we ran through a couple bars of "Cowboy You're Different". Once he had his controls set the way he wanted them, we recorded "C.Y.D." and "If Love Were A Flower" in one take each!!! The hours of practicing had paid off and I just closed my eyes and immersed myself in the music.

Something that was amazing to me is that I found out that Ronnie Godfrey was three quarters blind. If only I could play like that with both eyes open! Before the recording, the guys in the band were teasing me that I had the blind, the deaf and the lame playing for me. Mike was labeled the deaf one and Tom with his leg in a cast was the lame one! Also, I received an autographed CD from Susie Luchsinger (Reba's sister) while she was performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days in '94 or '95. Dave Pomeroy was her bass player.

All told we were at the studio for about two hours and then we had the rest of the week to explore the sights and sounds of Nashville. We took in the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the Music Valley Wax Museum, the Music Valley Car Museum, the Train Store and Nashville Toy Museum, The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, The Grassmere Farm the Cumberland Science Museum, The Hermitage, The Parthenon, and the Grand Ole Opry to name just a few! On Mother's Day we went for a 10 mile bicycle ride through the backwoods of a little town north of Nashville where we had parked the Avion.

Nashville and Oregon Pictures
Pictures by Janey Loree ~ the water wheel picture was taken in Oregon. I added it to the slideshow to remind us that after we got home from Nashville, we pulled into the drive there in Cheyenne, Wyoming, packed Mom and Dad's stuff in the Avion and headed to Oregon.

The original article was posted over at: The Fisher Family Singers: Nashville Bound...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Notes is taking the "Do Follow" pledge...

While I was visiting Cybercelt's Texas RV Travel Blog, during Naomi's England goes GONZO! Carnival, this "U Comment, I Follow" icon caught my eye! I have tried very hard to follow commenters back to their blogs to thank them for visiting my blogs and knew this was something I would be interested in. The following is 338 members strong:

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