Thursday, July 26, 2007

Family Recreation...

When I started writing this post, I realized that my mother and I have been so busy working on our home business that we have not made a whole lot of time for conventional recreation. For the past 5 years, most of our time has been spent in our workshoppe. We stop to eat, sleep and go grocery shopping once in awhile.

The meaning of the word recreation in The New International Webster's Dictionary is:
pastime, physical or mental refreshment
In conducting a short word study, which I love to do, I looked up the meaning of some of the other words.

~ amusement
amusement ~ entertainment
entertainment ~ something that entertains; interesting, diverting, or amusing thing;
refreshment ~ food or drink which refreshes
refresh ~ renew, replenish; restore vigor or freshness

So, recreation is something that entertains while at the same time restores freshness in our physical or mental bodies!!!

Reflecting on this meaning I realized that my daily life is recreational, I love to spend time with my family. Being around them when they are doing something they love to do is sometimes entertaining and a lot of the time amusing.

My sons train horses, they are training my horse and train other people's horses. It is entertaining to watch them work with their horses and to watch them go through their paces. It is also very relaxing. After a long day in the workshoppe, I sometimes go over to the stables with TnT. I amuse myself by taking pictures of the horses and my cowboys. It is interesting to note that I have taken more than 7000 pictures since Christmas of last year!

My parents work around the house and yard. My dad loves to work with wood. He built cornice boxes above all of the windows. The workshoppe desks, work tables, and pigeon hole wall unit that are in our work trailer were built by my dad. He put together a couple of jigs to help cut paper and fold paper. My mother has two green thumbs and has turned our desert home into an oasis of green! Even in her early 70's, being almost blind from diabetes, she loves to create new paper dolls and paper doll clothes, and art sparks.

On the weekends, my brother, rides his dirt bike or his desert runner. My sons ride the desert trails with him and with friends from work. My brother's desert runner is a stripped down '81 Toyota Pickup that used to be his welding truck. Roll bars were added and an aluminum bed replaced the welding bed. Pipe doors take the place of the original doors and a sun visor and a new aluminum top (not shown) keep the sun out. Here is a recreational pastime that I really enjoy...going for a ride in the desert runner!

It is my goal for this next year to revive an old family recreation of singing together. Read more about that endeavor on our new blog "The Fisher Family Singers".

Thank you for taking the time to read about our version of recreation and I look forward to reading your posts in the BLOG VILLAGE Recreational Carnival!!!

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Matthew 4:4
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Seven Smart Hair Tips by Aniela

While reading a couple of articles over at Thoof, I ran across a blog post on hair care!

As you may or may not know, I am letting my hair grow. At last measuring, 3 months ago, my hair was 23 1/2 inches long. I promised to brush my hair 100 strokes a day until I measure it again on August 7th. We will have to see if doing what it warned against in Tip #6 and natural growth during the summer, helped my hair grow faster or not.

For the next three months I will following these "Seven Smart Hair Tips". After reading the whole article, I need to follow Tip #1, I already hold off on Tip #2, Tip #3 will help a lot, and I have been observing Tip #4 all my life except for using a wide toothed comb! Tip #5 doesn't apply to me unless you count the one time I straightened my hair and it frizzed...I'm guilty of Tip #6 for the past 3 months and don't want to do Tip #7, but realize that it may be a necessary step toward "beautiful and healthy looking hair in no time".

To decipher my Aniela's article!

August 7, 2007 ~ Next Measuring
May 7, 2007 ~ Measuring
March 7, 2007 ~ Measuring

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Texas RV Travel Blog : Travel Like a Native

Notes... will be attending the next BLOG VILLAGE Carnival hosted by a fellow Texan!!! Come join us if you are a BLOG VILLAGER, or linked to a BLOG VILLAGER. And you have a couple of days to become a BLOG VILLAGER so that you become a part of our VILLAGE and enter a blog about what you do for fun!!!

Texas RV Travel Blog : Travel Like a Native

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Dad's Family Picture...

This is the only picture that I have of my paternal grandfather. It was taken in 1944. My dad's oldest sister, Francis Loree ( I got my middle name from her) is standing behind my grandfather, Robert Clyde. My dad, George Harvey, is the little 7 year old seated in front of Clyde Robert, and Nelda Grace is standing behind my grandmother, Zetha. There was one more girl that was born a couple of years after this picture was taken and she was my dad's baby sister, Judy. After a plane crash took her parents, my dad's cousin, Ruth (not pictured) became part of the family.

The picture is torn a little and I will have to restore it. There are other pictures of my dad's siblings and my grandmother. But I was only 9 years old when Grandfather Fisher passed away. He was 69 and I always thought it was "pretty cool" that he was born in 1900! I can remember my dad singing "In The Garden" over the phone to my grandfather when he was ill in the hospital. He had cancer. We lived in Nevada at the time and it wasn't until we lived back in Texas and I was a senior in high school that my Grandmother Fisher passed away. She spent the last years of her life in a wheel chair in a nursing home, but my mother and I went to see her on a regular basis. My Dad and brother went on special times and my Aunt Loree took care of her hair and nails and saw her almost every day. Aunt Nelda and Aunt Judy came when they could, they lived farther away. And Uncle Clyde and his family, and Aunt Ruth and her family lived half way across the state of Texas.

Grandpa Fisher was a Chiroprator and back in those days he would travel to the patients' homes to adjust them. My dad told stories of how he would drive his dad from patient to patient and do his homework while he waited in the car. Daddy would take naps too! There is the story of one little blonde headed girl that had a severely swollen head that the medical doctors had given up on. After several adjustments, the swelling went down and the little girl grew up to live a perfectly normal life.

Because my grandfather was a Chiropractor, I have always believed in them and that they are a vital part of the Health profession.

Scripture of the Day:
Acts 4:1-20
from "From Faith To Faith ~ A Daily Guide to Victory by Kenneth And Gloria Copeland

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

BLOG VILLAGE Community NEWS about Lynda...

The lastest interview that I completed for BLOG VILLAGE has gone LIVE over at: BLOG VILLAGE Community NEWS . Stop by Pilates & Reiki in Paradise and help me congratulate Lynda for being asked by the Prime Minister of Health and Human Services to assist in the 2007-2008 Turks & Caicos Islands Health and Fitness Initiative!!!


New Music Blog by Janey Loree...

I know...I need a new blog like I need another hole in my head! But, I finally found out how to transfer a tape to the computer!! This means that the songs, that my family recorded 11 years ago, can be turned into mp3 files!!!

Eleven years ago we lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Both my sons, Travis and Tony, were attending Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools (CLASS) which means they were home schooled through a Satellite Academy out of Arlington Heights, IL. To add to the already thorough curriculum, my dad taught Wood Shop, my mother taught Art and my Dad and I taught them Music.

As a result of the Music lessons, we started a family singing group. We called ourselves "The Fisher Family Singers" and spent many, many hours out in the music room practicing. The guys learned to play the guitar, my Dad bought an Upright Bass and I bought a Kurzweil Keyboard. We started singing at the mall during the Christmas season, played a gig for a congressional dinner and became regulars at the Terry Bison Ranch Senator's Restaurant.

Our repertoire consists of Gospel, Country Western, Songs from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's and Christmas Songs. Getting back to the new blog...I have started working on "The Fisher Family Singers" blog. As I stated on the blog, it is my goal to bring to you the history of each of the songs we sing. In the mean time I will be embedding "My Rifle, Pony and Me" on our "Mustang 'n' Cowboys" blog, "Pretty Paper" on "PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs", one of the Christmas songs on "Twiglet, the Little Christmas Tree", "Precious Memories" on "The Fisher Family Singers" and "String of Pearls" on this blog. I'll see you later...I have pictures to gather and memories to recall!!!

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 37:7-23
from "From Faith To Faith ~ A Daily Guide to Victory by Kenneth And Gloria Copeland
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Products That Touch The Home...

My mother and I own an online gift shoppe called "PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe"! For those of you who do not know...PJ's stands for "Phyllis and Janey's". I use the artwork created by my mother to add to the products that are available in our online gift shoppe and now our CafePress Store.

We have just embarked on a new venture with "CafePress". At CafePress we can add our images to a multitude of products that include mugs, caps, t-shirts, aprons, bibs, coasters, framed prints, mouse pads, teddy bears, etc. We are excited about this and want to extend an invitation for you to visit PJ's Gift Shoppe on CafePress!

We have started with two different designs. The first is our "Water Bucket 'n' Veggies" design that is available on a mirade selection of products. And the second design is a new one created yesterday, "African Violets 'n' African Chryssipus" one of twelve designs in our "PJ's Flower 'n' Butterflies" series.
I created these designs while working on a special order for a wall pocket calendar! That calendar is our PJ's Flower 'n' Butterflies Wall Pocket Calendar.

Here is a sneak peek at all the design in the PJ's Flower 'n' Butterflies Series:

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrating Our Country's Independence!!!

Happy 4th of July to Everyone!!! We will be busy today getting ready for our 4th of July Celebration over at the Franklin Field Horsemen's Association stables! It looks like there will be a big turnout tonight starting with the Trail Ride @ 5:30pm. While everyone is out riding their horses, those of us who don't or can't ride will be gathering around the barbecue grills and food tables under the Ash trees. It is supposed to reach 102 degrees today which is cooler than first predicted!

Take care and have a safe 4th of July.

I will be posting pictures of the celebration over on Mustang 'n' Cowboys.

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