Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I am putting together an update to the "You're not going to believe this" post. After telling "the family" about how Sharon Lynne over at California Breeze and I found out that we are related, they wrote back with comments and memories that I would like to share in this update post. I have included in this post a favorite picture of mine.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You're not going to believe this...

Can you imagine our shock when we found out that we were related by marriage? That's right!!! Sharon Lynne from "California Breeze" and I are cousins! If I had not joined BLOG VILLAGE, then I would not have found the Gatekeeper's blog, "Pieces of Me" after she joined. And that means that I would not have found a link to Sharon Lynne's blog, "California Breeze". And if my sons (who own mustang horses) had not bought dirt bikes to get back and forth to work, I would not have had an interest in her dirt bike posts. Then again, if we had not written a children's book blogged about over at twigletbook.blogspot.com, I would not have been interested in her "Wednesday Writer's Club" posts! Or, if Sharon Lynne had not been a regular over at "Mustang 'n' Cowboys"...the "had not's" list on and on! The following is a chronicle of our discovery from the comments on my "2007 Arizona Vacation" post...
Sharon Lynne said...

The Arizona desert is so beautiful. My husband's Aunt and Uncle lived in Arizona their entire lives--owned land and a home in the desert town of Arlington. The nearest bigger town was Buckeye. I loved visiting them. They grew cotton. My husband and I would take their jeep out into the desert. These pictures brought back memories of how awesome the desert looks. Aunt and Uncle have passed away now, but we miss those times.

3/05/2007 11:02 PM

Janey Loree said...

NO WAY!!! The reunion was in Arlington! My mother's family is from that area and she was born on the Jago Ranch in Arlington. My great Grandpa Richardson's ranch is in Arlington! No wonder the pictures brought back memories...it was the same area!!! What is Aunt and Uncle's name?

3/05/2007 11:25 PM

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh my gosh! My husband's Aunt and Uncle are Bob and Alma Richardson! Alma is my husband's mother's sister. Does this mean that you and my husband might be cousins? (in law?)

3/06/2007 6:03 PM

Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin CB!!
This is awesome! Mandy & Carolyn are my mother's first cousins! Uncle Bob is her father's brother...Walter Richardson. My mother thinks that she met Bill's mother at Aunt Alma's funeral? I can't believe this...
I have a post on Notes that has a picture of the purple glass that I bought of Aunt Alma's. It is:


3/06/2007 7:22 PM

The GateKeeper said...

Well, well, well, this is quite wonderful, most excellent and all that jazz. Wow!!!!

3/07/2007 11:09 AM

Janey Loree said...

Yes isn't it!!! And the thanks for this family discovery goes to you GateKeeper!!! I found Sharon Lynne's blog, "California Breeze" on your blog, "Pieces of Me"!!!

3/07/2007 11:43 AM

The GateKeeper said...

I know, I know. It's such an honor. Little ole me. I feel like I've done something important here. And it was totally fun. Enjoy the week.

3/07/2007 12:50 PM

Janey Loree said...

You have GateKeeper! Enjoy your week too!!

3/07/2007 1:08 PM

Sharon Lynne said...

I'm a little quiet, because I'm busy writing up a post about this...

3/07/2007 5:17 PM

Janey Loree said...

Me too!!!

3/07/2007 7:33 PM

To put this into perspective...Uncle Bob and Aunt Alma are Sharon's husbands aunt and uncle, with him being related to Aunt Alma. They are my great uncle and aunt, with me being related to Uncle Bob! So that makes us...cousins by marriage...right!!!??? I don't know how the once removed and all that works...we have settled on calling each other "Cuz".

On a thoughtful note...this shows me that there certainly is "to every thing a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven*"! There is a time to blog and find new blogs, a time to post pictures and comment on them, and a time to find out that one of the billions of blogs that are out there is written by someone you are related to!!!
To read Sharon Lynne's post on this subject follow the link to: A Surprise-I Can't Believe this Happened!
To read GateKeeper's post on this subject follow this link to:
Happy Notes!!!
*Quoting Eccleciastes 3:1-9

Monday, March 05, 2007

Signs of Spring '07

Cool Slideshows

We have had some warm days that could be classified as spring days! Even the plants, bushes and trees think so!! My favorite is the single white flower up against the bark!!!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Talking about Smidgen...

...I posted this beautiful picture of Smidgen over at Starlo's Paw Prints and wanted to share it with you here on Notes That Touch The Heart! Starlo's Paw Prints is the blogvoice for my cousin's breeding business. At Starlo’s Kennels, Debbie breeds AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel dams and AKC registered Toy Poodle sires chosen for excellent health and temperament to produce only the finest quality Cockapoos. Smidgen is a red, 1st generation beauty. The picture here, taken by her owner Kathy, is a fine example of a red, 1st generation Cockapoo available at Starlo's Kennels. Debbie is an approved "Six Star Rated Breeder" by the Cockapoo Club of America.

Stop by the website and let Debbie know that I sent ya!

Technical Note: The frame was created in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe by yours truly! I also maintain Debbie's website and blog, so I get first hand knowledge of when new puppies are born and get to see the updated pictures of Starlo's Cockapoos in their new homes!

Provided by International Bible Society

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