Saturday, March 24, 2012

Engaged to be Married!!!

Erin and Tony!!!
Tony asked...Erin cried and said "Yes!" It is so good to see Tony happy with the woman who has agreed to be his wife!!!
They have so much in common and it is a joy to have her around!  She will be a help mate for my son and I know that their lives will be blessed!
Erin's ring...
Now the fun begins with planning a wedding!  It looks like Sunday may be a good day to get started.  It is supposed to rain and while it's stormy outside we can brainstorm on ideas!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tornia ~ Screwbean Mesquite...

I was doing some housecleaning in my unpublished notes and found this post about the Screwbean Mesquite! Little did I know that when I started this post about the Tornia tree that I would get married and end up working our cattle through the Salt Draw (known by the old timers as "The Screwbean") in West Texas!
Screwbean Mesquite

Provided by International Bible Society

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