Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving to Texas!!!

Here is a photograph that I have titled "White Simplicity". It is available as a giclee print over at Fine Art America. I will have to research the name of the bush that offers these beautifully simple flowers. I believe that it is in the wild plum family, but I am not positive...

My posts have been very sporadic the past couple of months. With the family reunion in Arizona and vacation to Texas, and packing for my move to Texas, I have not been able to devote enough time to my blogs. While in Texas I was offered a job that I can not turn down! It is a Godsend and I will be living in the same town as my sons!!

I will be taking the majority of PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe with me, while PJ's Paper Doll Factory will stay here with my mother/partner! Also, I will be taking ShiLoh and ShyAnne, my Katy-pups, and two cats. Annie and Spurr are my rescue cats that can not be left behind.

It has been decided that Diesel Marie, our Golden Retriever, will stay with my parents, along with their Katy-pup, Dunny. My brothers' Chihuahua, Luke, will stay with them waiting for my brother to get home on the weekends. And Honey, my dad's Pomeranian/Chihuahua will continue to ride shotgun for my Dad until he gets off the road.

Life will be very busy and fun once I get settled in Texas! I will also be taking on seven new websites to either build and maintain or revamp and maintain!! I'm excited for what the future will bring and will not be able to post until I get settle in Texas!!!

Look for a "Howdy from Texas!!!"

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Purple Majesty...

From the garden to the computer palette, these purple iris are the first flowers of spring. Available as a giclee print.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The McDonald's Observatory in West Texas...

On the morning of March 4, 2008, we got up very early (4am!) to drive down to the McDonald's Observatory nestled in the Davis Mountains near Fort Davis, Texas. I took this picture just after sunrise when it was still below freezing. You can see the snow on the side of the road behind my son, Tony!

When I move back to Texas (at the end of March!) we are making a point of going to the Observatory, when it is open, so that we can go inside! Follow the links in this post to visit the official website and don't forget to stop by the Astronomy Gift Shop.

You can become a "Friend of McDonald" and enjoy lots of benefits through the different membership levels available. This will help The University of Texas fulfill their "mission of bolstering K–12 education, by supporting the programs and resources (they) provide to teachers and students nationwide."

"As a unit of The University of Texas at Austin, the Observatory is one of the world's leading centers for astronomical research. Its facilities are located atop Mount Locke and Mount Fowlkes in the Davis Mountains of West Texas."

The slide show here consists of four pictures that I took starting with the West Texas sunset taken from the parking lot of the McDonald Observatory, followed by the valley toward Pecos, Tony and Travis freezing, an out-building at the Observatory, and Tony took a picture of one of a valley between the Observatory and Fort Davis, Texas.
McDonald's Observatory in West Texas

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