Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pictures from the past...

The Alamo in 1961
In searching for the picture of my grandparents holding their great grandkids, (maybe it is a slide?) I ran across these pictures of The Alamo. I was only 4 months old when these pictures were taken. That's right, I was born in San Antonio, Texas on the same day that John F. Kennedy, Jr. was born. Since my parents were in the Army at the time, and I was delivered at Brooke Army Medical Center, the Army nurses came right in to let my parents know that the President and First Lady had just delivered a baby boy!

The cars in the first picture reminded me of a story that my parents told of my first car incident when I was only about a month old. After a check up appointment at BAMC, my parents were pulling out of the Post parking lot. My dad had to slam on the brakes of his black '56 Chevrolet 4 Door Hard Top to avoid hitting the car that had pulled out in front of them. By the time the dust settled I was no longer in my mother's lap. (I am not sure that we have a slide picture of my parents car. If I find it I will post it.)

The guy in the other car joined in the scramble to find me and was just as relieved as my parents when I was found in the glove compartment! I had been thrown up and under the dash, landing on the compartment shelf. If my mother had not wrapped me up so tightly in the baby blanket, I surely would have been hurt. The other guy offered to pay for a check up to make sure that I was okay. I didn't need one...there was not a scratch on me and besides I was still sleeping! If we had been traveling fast and there had been a collision then I would have been taken back to BAMC.

Twenty Five years later I went back to BAMC to see the Post and even stopped at the little apartment that my parents had called home. With permission both my sons, my parents and I walked back into the past as we toured the apartment. The people thought it was really neat that we lived there before and didn't mind our intrusion into their lives. The pull out bed was still there!

So when they say "Remember the Alamo!" I have a couple of extra memories to remember!!!

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Notes redecorated and added some chicklets...

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Friday, September 28, 2007

A note from the past...

While going through some old papers the other day, I ran across a letter from my grandma. My mother's parents were very special people and we share quite a few precious memories. There is a picture of my grandparents holding my two sons and my brother's two girls that I will find to share with you. The following is a note from the past (keep in mind my grandpa passed away in 1991 so my grandma has been by herself for five years when she wrote this letter:
Feb 1/96
Dear Phyllis & Family,
I sure hope all is going well for you all. Somehow you are on my mind, but I have been tied to the house so much by snow, etc; that I might be imagining a lot of the things. I am also wondering about Rhonda (her granddaughter; my cousin) she is supposed to have twins this month.
I am watching the snow filling up the work of Reece (her son) & all the other neighbors. I've seen it worse but it is a little too much when I can't be more independent. Roads are too slick for travel just for nothing special, none of our family have had too much trouble yet altho the ones in Christmas Valley say that people are having lots of slick roads.
Shirley (her daughter) can't just get up & travel across the pass either. I guess spring will come & I will like that better. I'd like to drop in on all of you. Reece talked of us coming up to see you but something always seems to interfere with our plans.
I hope Ruth (her sister)will be well enough to be with me for a while before too long. I don't think Bob or Joe (her brothers) either are too well but they don't tell me, so I just put one & one together from what I hear and can only wonder.
I seed to be looking on the dark side to-day so since I can't look on the bright side today I should stop. One thing is worth mentioning tho.
I have quail, snow birds, chickadees, blue jays, squirrels and little dwarf rabbits feeding in the yard. The deer are staying close to Reece's hay & salt blocks. He sure has several nice cattle. Hope to hear from you & Janey and also hear how Doug (my brother) & his family are. Tell them I haven't forgotten them and give them my love.
& Grandma

Grandma passed away five years later a couple of days before her 92nd birthday. My mother inherited a corner cabinet from her that was the inspiration for the name of our online gift shoppe, PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe. You can see my mother's artistic rendition of the cabinet on our About PJ's page!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

"Random Harvest"...

UPDATE: This post has been entered in the "England Goes Gonzo" Blog Carnival being held on October 1st. For carnival details contact Naomi over at Diary From England!

The days go by so quickly I don't get near enough completed like I would like. I keep busy from dawn till dusk and into the twilight hours and still have more to do the next day than I did on the previous day. However, I will not ever be able to say that I am bored and have nothing to do!

I did the most delicious thing tonight. No, I am not talking about eating something, I am talking about watching a movie all the way through! From start to finish!!! The drama was "Random Harvest" a 1942 movie about a World War I major that had amnesia. Set in England, the major escaped an asylum where he was the ward of a very caring and astute doctor.

The major walks into town amidst the celebration that the war was over. A young actress finds him and takes him in, eventually taking him to the country when she sees that he is going back into his shell, after she told him he would have to go back to the asylum.

The major, or Smithy as Paula calls him, is learning to speak confidently again and tries his hand at writing, earning a check for a couple quid. As Smithy is sitting under a tree that is by a wonderful pond, Paula rides up on her bike with a picnic lunch and she has an envelope for Smithy. He appears to be asleep, as she struggles with wanting to know what the letter is about. Underneath his hat where he appeared to be napping, Smithy tells her she better open the letter. With a future starting before him Smithy asks Paula to marry him and she accepts.

They live in a little cottage by a stream with a kitchen door that the milkman brings fresh milk to every morning. On the day that their little boy is about a week old, Smithy receives a job offer in Liverpool. He is supposed to be gone for one day and does not return to the cottage for 15 years.

I could tell you the rest of the story, but that would ruin your chance to see a truly wonderful love story filled with heartache and tradegy mingled with happiness and hope...

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