Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pictures from the past...

The Alamo in 1961
In searching for the picture of my grandparents holding their great grandkids, (maybe it is a slide?) I ran across these pictures of The Alamo. I was only 4 months old when these pictures were taken. That's right, I was born in San Antonio, Texas on the same day that John F. Kennedy, Jr. was born. Since my parents were in the Army at the time, and I was delivered at Brooke Army Medical Center, the Army nurses came right in to let my parents know that the President and First Lady had just delivered a baby boy!

The cars in the first picture reminded me of a story that my parents told of my first car incident when I was only about a month old. After a check up appointment at BAMC, my parents were pulling out of the Post parking lot. My dad had to slam on the brakes of his black '56 Chevrolet 4 Door Hard Top to avoid hitting the car that had pulled out in front of them. By the time the dust settled I was no longer in my mother's lap. (I am not sure that we have a slide picture of my parents car. If I find it I will post it.)

The guy in the other car joined in the scramble to find me and was just as relieved as my parents when I was found in the glove compartment! I had been thrown up and under the dash, landing on the compartment shelf. If my mother had not wrapped me up so tightly in the baby blanket, I surely would have been hurt. The other guy offered to pay for a check up to make sure that I was okay. I didn't need one...there was not a scratch on me and besides I was still sleeping! If we had been traveling fast and there had been a collision then I would have been taken back to BAMC.

Twenty Five years later I went back to BAMC to see the Post and even stopped at the little apartment that my parents had called home. With permission both my sons, my parents and I walked back into the past as we toured the apartment. The people thought it was really neat that we lived there before and didn't mind our intrusion into their lives. The pull out bed was still there!

So when they say "Remember the Alamo!" I have a couple of extra memories to remember!!!

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Naomi said...

I love the old world nature of those photos Janey. That was a wonderful nostalgic post. You were so lucky not to be injured. It's fortunate your Mum wrapped you up tightly in your baby blanket. I'm sure it was nice for you and your parents to go back and see where you used to live. I actually have some friends in San Antonio. They're always sending me things from Texas. I also used to watch Dallas. It was very popular over here.

Janey Loree said...

Thanks Naomi! It's funny, I lived in Texas while the "Dallas" series first got started, but I didn't watch it too much. My boys were little then and we had a trucking business and a welding business to run! But I do remember "JR"! I had a hard time keeping his character in "Jeannie" out of my mind!

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