Monday, August 15, 2011

Margaret's Piano...

I recently was blessed with another piano! This 1954 Story & Clark once graced the home of Margaret Cochran. Now it graces my home... all started last June at the feed store where I work. I met Margaret's daughter, Maxine, when she and her son came by the store one Sunday afternoon. My son's were unloading a trailer for my bosses, it was overflowing with wrought iron and pottery from Laredo!

Maxine and I started talking and realized that we had a lot in common. She had two sons and both their names started with C. I had two sons and both their names started with T. We both love horses and the western way of life and we love to sing.  

Well, Maxine had this feeling that she wanted me to have her momma's piano.  I accepted her offer and traveled to Riudoso, New Mexico to her sisters house to pick up the piano.  My two sons came along for the ride (and to help load and pack the piano so that it would not get damaged on the trip back to Pecos).  We stayed in Maxine's cousins' quaint little warm cabin with snow on the ground outside! June 2009

Editor's Note:  It is because of this friendship that I took Maxine's advice that "If I had Shot Paschal just as a friend I would be blessed!" and started dating and 59 days later married him!!! Since she is a distant relative of Shot's, I am now related to Maxine!

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