Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valentine's Day from PJ's Corner...

Janey Loree: "When you get ready to purchase a card* for your sweetheart, use one of the Hearts 'n' Roses 'n' Butterflies cards available in PJ's Corner. Choose from Buckeye butterflies on red design (shown here), the Yellow Sulfur butterflies on pink design, or the Monarch butterflies on red 'n' white design. Once you have chosen the design, add a matching gift card 'n' envelope, a bookmark, a notebook, and a page of cut out scrapbook stickers."
* Available with matching envelope and seal.
If you would like a blank card with no verse, indicate this desire when you place your order.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Valentine Poems by Janey Loree...

As the rose opens its petals to the sun,
I open my heart to you,
Letting you know that love has begun,
and that I am in love with you!

As my heart reveals its love to you,
I thank my God for the chance to prove,
as we walk through life together,
that from your side I will not move.

As a butterfly spreads its wings on the wind,
I open my heart to you,
Letting you know that my love I send,
with the hope that you will say "I do!"

Copyright 2007 ~ Janey Loree Fisher

Monday, January 29, 2007 on Pro Audio, DJ and Stage Lighting Equipment…

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ProSound and Stage Lighting Gear For Pros is located down the road from Disneyland in Cypress, CA.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Notes Enjoys the BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival...

While it is still fresh in my mind, I would like to share with you my first Blog Carnival. This one was hosted by Dirty Butter of BLOG VILLAGE and Kilroy of The Gonzo Papers. Thus, the name "The BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival".

A week before the carnival all the VILLAGERS were invited to enter a post "About Family". The carnival would be held January 26, 2007 at the BLOG VILLAGE Community NEWS blog.

Well, I had been haunting the VILLAGE, waiting for the tent to wasn't until after I received my first comment from a carnival goer cybercelt that I realized that I needed to clear my cache! The carnival had started and I had missed the Grand Opening...shortly after that, I received this email from DB, titled: Our 1st Family Blog Carnival is UP!!

Hi to everyone!

You have a treat in store, and a lot of great reading to do!!

Come see all the great posts your fellow Villagers and their Guests have entered!

Please stop by as many as you possibly can, leave them some comments, and don't forget to click on their BLOG VILLAGE voting banner or text link if you enjoyed their post!!

A thousand Thank You's goes out to Kilroy for all his hard work putting the entries together, and to all of you who entered. I haven't taken the time yet to count them, but it's a LOT!!



There ended up being 48 entries and I decided (short sightedly) that I was going to try and read all the posts by early Saturday morning. There are three reasons why this was not a very smart move.
  1. I still needed to fix dinner for my sons. They didn't need to go to work on an empty stomach. (They are prison guards [ actually called C.O.'s] at the local prison)
  2. My brother came home from working on the coast all week.
  3. And last but not least, I didn't take into account that I would get sidetracked on the blogs where the links to these great posts took me!
I finished commenting on the last entry at 12:07am, Sunday morning...I found stories about family (of course, they are all supposed to be about family), smores, fathers, mothers, baby elephants, a poem, a green bus, jewels, a tiger momma, shark or squid, and a red panda! Just to name a few.

I will not list my favorites because this would take away from the fun that you will have when you go to the BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival at the BLOG VILLAGE Community NEWS...

My entry was "Up With The Top, or I'm Not Going..."

Side Note: On the 24th before the BV Carnival, my Google Page Rank was 0/10. It is now 3/10 thanks to my fellow VILLAGERS who commented on my entry!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Notes is going to the BLOG VILLAGE Carnival...

This post will stay at the top until the entry deadline. Scroll down to read the current posts.
Notes That Touch The Heart will be participating in a fun new event in BLOG VILLAGE! The theme for this Carnival is "About the Family" and gives you a chance to brag on the special people in your life. Carnival entries are limited to BLOG VILLAGERS and blogs that are directly linked to BLOG VILLAGER blogs.

BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival

is hosted by BLOG VILLAGE owner, Dirty Butter. Entry rules and contact information are posted at The Gonzo Papers and in the BLOG VILLAGE NEWS.

Let's have a little fun while getting to know more about our fellow VILLAGERS and reach out to the linked community for possible newcomers to BLOG VILLAGE. Now let's me see...what can I write about...?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An International Contest for the Singer/Songwriter in you...

What an awesome opportunity for the singer/songwriter in you. The chance to win this international song contest of performing singer/songwriters is possible for anyone who believes in their song and themselves. The Singer/Songwriter Awards, hosted by We Are Listening, is a contest that judges the ability to write and perform an original piece of music.

What is unique about The Singer/Songwriter Awards is that all genre is accepted. The singer/songwriter is judged on their ability to write a song that delivers well with high musical merit, composition that brings together melody and harmony, and the ability to couple that composition and the setting of lyrics to music.

Six winners are flown to London, England for an exclusive recording session. Staying at myHotel Bloomsbury in a luxurious 5 star setting, enhances the experience of developing, producing, and packaging your song with producer Steve Williams, along with Sting, Seal, and Eric Clapton at Sphere Studios.

The Singer/Songwriter Awards winners of (Round 1) are Chris Volpe, Jaga, and Jag Star. Chris is going to “use the rubber on his ‘Shoes’ to erase all that he has done”, “Oxygen” is sung and performed by Jaga, and Jag Star’s “Does Anybody Know” asks some universal questions.

We Are Listening song contest winners in (Round 2) include Debra Arlen, Michael Logen, and KIFF. Debra’s song “Fine” blends with her voice letting you know that she will be “fine” no matter what life brings. As Michael Logen breathes his song “Amazing” looking for something that could have been, KIFF beats out his feelings of a heartless relationship.

Over at We Are Listening vote for your favorite between Debra, Michael and KIFF and listen to 50 sound tracks that include the songs by the 3 winners, 9 finalists, and 38 runners up. Get to know the executive board, the judges and the singer/songwriters. Get more of the scoop in the We Are Listening Blog.

In my opinion, this truly is an awesome opportunity for the singer/songwriter!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This is an email that the administrator of BLOG VILLAGE sent out to all VILLAGERS and anyone link TO a BLOG VILLAGER; to remind them to enter their post "About the Family" in the BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival:

Just a reminder to everyone, including the === 22 === NEW Villagers who have joined since we started our Carnival Promotion. The BLOG VILLAGE Family Blog Carnival is underway NOW. The DEADLINE for entering posts is Thursday, Jan. 25th, at 11:59PM EST.

Kilroy and Dirty Butter (that's me!) are co-hosting a Family Blog Carnival for all BLOG VILLAGE members AND any blogger who links directly TO a Villager's blog.

You will find all the information you need to participate in this
promotional event on the Community News blog at Choose a post, old or new, to enter that is about FAMILY, and email the link, plus the title, to

Guest entries need to put in their email which Villager they are linked TO, also.

Please help us promote our Carnival by putting a post about it at the
top of your blog until next Friday, Jan. 26th, when one post, containing all
the entries, will be posted on our BLOG VILLAGE Community News blog.

There is a banner available to help you advertise, with the code for
your post, on the News blog, as well. If you wish to comment, or ask any questions about our Carnival, please go to

I'm looking forward to reading all your great posts about Family!



aka Dirty Butter ;)


Monday, January 22, 2007

I lost a ton of calories...

When I started this blog, I wanted a place to share the moments in my life that were special to me. Posts that were interesting, informative or struck my fancy, along with poems, music, and photos that I have written, listened to, or taken throughout my life.

In my surfing of the blogs listed in BLOG VILLAGE, I found a post over at Diary of England where Naomi's Laugh And Watch The Pounds Fall Off post stated that laughing helps us lose weight. Laughing is supposed to do our heart good, so when I read Mike's post
The Creative Life over at A Twist of Humor I knew that I wanted to share it with you! "A Twist of Humor" helped me loose a ton of calories, gave me a good laugh, is so true to life and is oh, so funny!

As I shared with Mike, he reminded me of when my oldest son, Travis Lee used to
regale us for hours with funny faces from his high chair! It wasn’t until months later that we caught him practicing in front of the foyer mirrors from the confines of his playpen!

Naomi of Diary of England and Mike over at A Twist of Humor are both fellow BLOG VILLAGERS.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Walk in the Woods Series Photos...

Over at New England Photos, Bill posted this "A Walk in the Woods" picture while on a walk in the woods with his wife. The picture is post card perfect and reminds Marion of The Herbal Connection, of a river she used to ride beside while riding her horse.
In my comment on Bill's blog, back in December 2006, I mentioned in passing that I would love to see the river when it froze. Well today Bill posted another post card perfect picture, A Walk in the Woods - Icy! Thank you, Bill!
This is something I have always wanted to do. That find a scene that is breathtaking and take the same picture during each of the seasons. In the San Joaquin Valley of Southern California that might not be such an easy task. In New England, I would only have to remember to take the pictures!!! I do have a picture in mind that might make a good seasonal series, I will have to take the second picture in the series and show ya!

Both Bill of New England Photos and Marion of The Herbal Connection are fellow BLOG VILLAGERS.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Laundry Day Lithograph...

This lithograph of "Laundry Day" is created from the first picture in a two picture series that my mother painted in watercolor on wood. The original shown here was created in 1988 by my mother, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. I added clip art or "art sparks" from her library of literally thousands of designs, to frame the lithograph.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Introducing Janey Loree as Notes' "Spokespaperdoll"...

It just dawned on me today, that all my blogs need a spokesperson. Or should I say, "spokespaperdoll"! I am already using a paperdoll from PJ's Corner, named Rachel, as the spokesperson over at PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs, and her twin brother, Rueben at "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree. At the time of this post, Mustang 'n' Cowboys and this blog did not have a spokespaperdoll.

Gunny the Little Bunny, who is a sheriff, will be the spokespaperdoll on Mustang 'n' Cowboys. Since this is my personal blog, from now on our new paperdoll "Janey Loree", with all her flowers, butterflies and foofaraw*, will introduce each new personal post here on Notes. And instead of being called a blogger, I think "bloggette" will fit much nicer! Once I start writing PayPerPost ads, a PJ's paperdoll will be selected for those posts.

*The Word of the Day is "foofaraw".
\FOO-fuh-raw\, noun: 1. Excessive or flashy ornamentation or decoration.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lithograph of Belle...

This lithograph postcard of Belle started out as one of my favorite color photos of our little grey mare! She is a mustang from the White River Area near Ely, Nevada. She ran wild until her second year, when she was rounded up by the BLM and adopted to my youngest son, Anthony Wayne. The ropes in the frame were created by my mother, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. The postcard is available in PJ's Corner.

Up with the top or I'm not going...

For the BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival, it is required that each participant write an article that follows a predetermined theme. The 1st BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival theme is "About the Family".
About my family, let's see...My name is Janey Loree Fisher, I am the oldest of two children born to George and Phyllis Fisher. My parents met while stationed in San Antonio, Texas at Fort Sam Houston. That's right, they were both in the Army. My father was an MP and had to guard a female prisoner in the same building where my mother was performing some of her duties. When she noticed my father was watching her and winked at her, she stuck her tongue out at him and walked away. (Spitfire!)

In the next scene, you will find my mother's roommate diligently trying to get my mother to go on a double date with her. Nothing doing. Momma hated double dates, they always turned out wrong. As her roommate picked out her clothes, my mother kept saying she didn't want to go. Finally, Momma succumbed to her roommates ernest entreaties that she needed her to go along for moral support.

As they were about ready for the guys to show up, a beautiful Salmon colored 1956 Chevy convertible pulled up in front of their dorm. The guys jumped out, put the top down and were just snapping the last snap when they heard, "Up with the top or I'm not going!" Sure enough, it was the spitfire.

By the time the girls came down stairs, the convertible top was back up. As my dad helped my mother into the front seat, she noticed that he was the same MP that had winked at her earlier that week. Ugh! When he got in behind the wheel,after helping her into the front seat, she noticed his double jointed thumb resting on his knee as he pulled out from the curb. It was shaking!

They went to a hamburger joint in New Brunsfels for the next 56 days. If you looked in the window you would be able to see them sitting there while my dad sang to my mother. After 56 days they got married and will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2009!

Side Note: My
mother painted "The Mountain Lake" picture in the background!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Notes is Joining Photo HUNTERS... joining Photo HUNTERS, so you will be seeing a post with a themed photo every Saturday!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Porcelain Lady in Lavendar...

Porcelain Lady in Lavender ~ 1968 ~ Acrylic on Canvas

This picture has hung in my room from the time I was 8 years old. My mother painted this Lavendar Lady from one of two Josef Original porcelain dolls that she bought in Las Vegas. There is a gold and black sticker on the doll that reads "Jeanne". The other doll is in blue.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gentle Giant...

This picture of Cahlibur was taken as he walked up to me. You can see how gentle he is by looking in his eye. He was born a wild mustang in the Black Rock area of the Nevada desert, and ran wild until he was 2 years old. In August of Cahlibur's second year, my son Travis adopted him from the Ridgecrest, CA BLM Facility. Travis trained and raised Cahlibur into the "Gentle Giant" that he is today! I started a blog called "Mustang 'n' Cowboys" dedicated to my two cowboys, their mustangs, and two dogs.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Caught With My Shutter Open!

I won the Headline Writing Contest! The original post over at The Gonzo Papers caught my eye...

Write A Headline For This Picture:

The first headline that popped into my head was "Caught With My Shutter Open!" but, I tried to find something else that would sound better or would go with the mother trying to get her daughter's attention. I decided to go with my first thought, for the first time in a long time.
I am glad I did!
Kilroy is thinking of doing another contest...keep your "shutters open" to see if he does!

Provided by International Bible Society

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