Thursday, January 25, 2007

Notes is going to the BLOG VILLAGE Carnival...

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Notes That Touch The Heart will be participating in a fun new event in BLOG VILLAGE! The theme for this Carnival is "About the Family" and gives you a chance to brag on the special people in your life. Carnival entries are limited to BLOG VILLAGERS and blogs that are directly linked to BLOG VILLAGER blogs.

BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival

is hosted by BLOG VILLAGE owner, Dirty Butter. Entry rules and contact information are posted at The Gonzo Papers and in the BLOG VILLAGE NEWS.

Let's have a little fun while getting to know more about our fellow VILLAGERS and reach out to the linked community for possible newcomers to BLOG VILLAGE. Now let's me see...what can I write about...?


Sharon Lynne said...

Hi Janey,

Since you were kind of enough to stop by my blog, I thought I'd venture out and visit your place. Quite impressive! Keep up the good work—you and your mom have a lot of talent! I enjoyed my visit.

When you have a moment, I left a comment for you on my "Mysterious Envelope" post.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Sharon Lynne,

We have a lot in common, a house full of men, dirt bikes, writing...I will stop by often!

Matthew Didier said...

Thanks for the comment as well... and yes, I'll be trying to take part in the Carnival! (I also linked your blog if that's okay...)

The GateKeeper said...

I entered the Carnival today. The first post on Mom's blog was the one I sent. Hope I did things right. Looking forward to reading about all our family stories at the carnival.

Janey Loree said...

Matthew, thanks for the link, I will add a link to in return. I wish that I lived closer to Santa Rosa so that I could go see the bus!

Gatekeeper, From what I can tell all we need to do is send our entries to Kilroy, help advertise and then attend the carnival on the 26th!

Stjernesol said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog :)

sarala said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm glad you get along so well with your sons. Some people don't obviously.

Tomas said...

Dear Janey,

Thank you for the comments on my blog.
My English isn't strong, but I am grateful and my Hi is hearty. Thank you.

At a moment I am talking only about my own emotions. That looks so selfish and I am sorry for that, but I need some time to read, to study your blogs and then I will leave my comments too.

Thank you once more. Your nice words have made my day today.

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