Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An International Contest for the Singer/Songwriter in you...

What an awesome opportunity for the singer/songwriter in you. The chance to win this international song contest of performing singer/songwriters is possible for anyone who believes in their song and themselves. The Singer/Songwriter Awards, hosted by We Are Listening, is a contest that judges the ability to write and perform an original piece of music.

What is unique about The Singer/Songwriter Awards is that all genre is accepted. The singer/songwriter is judged on their ability to write a song that delivers well with high musical merit, composition that brings together melody and harmony, and the ability to couple that composition and the setting of lyrics to music.

Six winners are flown to London, England for an exclusive recording session. Staying at myHotel Bloomsbury in a luxurious 5 star setting, enhances the experience of developing, producing, and packaging your song with producer Steve Williams, along with Sting, Seal, and Eric Clapton at Sphere Studios.

The Singer/Songwriter Awards winners of (Round 1) are Chris Volpe, Jaga, and Jag Star. Chris is going to “use the rubber on his ‘Shoes’ to erase all that he has done”, “Oxygen” is sung and performed by Jaga, and Jag Star’s “Does Anybody Know” asks some universal questions.

We Are Listening song contest winners in (Round 2) include Debra Arlen, Michael Logen, and KIFF. Debra’s song “Fine” blends with her voice letting you know that she will be “fine” no matter what life brings. As Michael Logen breathes his song “Amazing” looking for something that could have been, KIFF beats out his feelings of a heartless relationship.

Over at We Are Listening vote for your favorite between Debra, Michael and KIFF and listen to 50 sound tracks that include the songs by the 3 winners, 9 finalists, and 38 runners up. Get to know the executive board, the judges and the singer/songwriters. Get more of the scoop in the We Are Listening Blog.

In my opinion, this truly is an awesome opportunity for the singer/songwriter!


jillbeth said...

I wish I could sing! I would be the one on American Idol making a fool of myself! But I take comfort in the fact that when I am in Heaven I will sing beautifully!

Janey Loree said...

I've always taken comfort in "make a joyful noise unto the Lord"!

Although I did get to go to Nashville to record two songs back in 1996. There is a link to both songs in the sidebar if you would care to listen.

My family has a singing group, too. Our favorite song is "Precious Memories"!!!

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