Sunday, January 21, 2007

Walk in the Woods Series Photos...

Over at New England Photos, Bill posted this "A Walk in the Woods" picture while on a walk in the woods with his wife. The picture is post card perfect and reminds Marion of The Herbal Connection, of a river she used to ride beside while riding her horse.
In my comment on Bill's blog, back in December 2006, I mentioned in passing that I would love to see the river when it froze. Well today Bill posted another post card perfect picture, A Walk in the Woods - Icy! Thank you, Bill!
This is something I have always wanted to do. That find a scene that is breathtaking and take the same picture during each of the seasons. In the San Joaquin Valley of Southern California that might not be such an easy task. In New England, I would only have to remember to take the pictures!!! I do have a picture in mind that might make a good seasonal series, I will have to take the second picture in the series and show ya!

Both Bill of New England Photos and Marion of The Herbal Connection are fellow BLOG VILLAGERS.

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