Friday, December 29, 2006

Notes has been named in The Gonzo Papers...

Kilroy over at Fear And Loathing - The Gonzo Papers has included Notes That Touch The Heart in his "Blog Village Edition - A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere".

Kilroy named 32 blogs that share in making up a special online blogging community! At the time of this posting, 246 blogs make up BLOG VILLAGE. Make that 247 another Village has joined the community!

Along with listing your blog in this Top 100 Site, you will be asked (sooner or later) to be interviewed as the Featured Villager. These articles are posted in the VILLAGE NEWS, a community blog that keeps us updated on BLOG VILLAGE news.

At this point the BLOG VILLAGE Interview Team consists of The Gatekeeper and myself. I am trying to recruit Kilroy, so drop by The Gonzo Papers and let him know that you want him on the team. If you would like to join BLOG VILLAGE, Add Your Site. Please keep in mind that you will be accepted after approval by BLOG VILLAGE Administrator, Dirty Butter.

Thank you Kilroy for adding my blog to your year end installment of
A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Camera for Christmas!!!

My sons, Travis and Tony gave me
an awesome new camera for Christmas. It is a Canon EOS 30D Digital and has so many bells and whistles, it will take me a little bit to learn the meantime please bear with me as I take pictures anyway!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Neddy the Teddy...

Neddy the Little Teddy

is a little brown bear,

That is looking for just that

right outfit to wear.

Browns and blues,

and greens and reds,

Each with a matching hat

for his little bear head.

Trains and horses,

and books and fruit,

Are on each page with each

little bear suit.

Cut and snip on the

vegetable and flowers,

And have lots of fun

for hours and hours!

Copyright 2006 – Janey Loree

This little paper doll book is available in PJ's Corner.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Featured BLOG VILLAGERS in our Community Blog...

In an effort to get to know my fellow BLOG VILLAGERS better, I came across a wonderful idea. Why not interview them! That way I would have a focused way to understand (a little bit) what makes them tick, why they started their blogs, read some very interesting posts, learn new and interesting stuff, and enjoy tons of photos!

Don't get me wrong, the FEATURED VILLAGER is the brainchild of Rosemary, aka Dirty Butter; this is my way of helping bring about the
VILLAGE atmosphere that she is nurturing in BLOG VILLAGE!

Look for the Travel Memories 'n' Fun image in the sidebar, where you will find a list of my interviews with the FEATURED VILLAGERS.

Keep in mind that Sheila at the Alabama Kitchen Sink was the first FEATURED VILLAGER, and Rosemary the BLOG VILLAGE Administrator was third, while yours truly was second and fourth. Even though I did not interview Sheila, Rosemary or myself, I will add us to the list of Fellow VILLAGERS in the sidebar! Follow the links to the first write-ups in the VILLAGE NEWS.

Bill @ New England Photos is my first interview and a couple more are on their way!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fruit 'n' Vegetable Delite

I would like to share a recipe with you. It is of a dish that tastes delicious! I have called it "My Ambrosia" from the very first time I created it in Cheyenne, Wyoming back in 1995. I was working for a western catalog company, called "Cheyenne Outfitters" and was tired of taking the same old stuff to work for lunch. If someone has already created this dish, I am as yet still unaware of it.

1 pint of cottage cheese
7 cherry or grape tomatoes
3 Ortega chiles
Lite salt (sprinkle to taste)

Combine the ingredients after cutting the tomatoes in halves or fourths and chipping the Ortega chiles into small pieces. Salt* the dish to your liking. Serve with sandwiches, sliced vegetables, baked chips and a glass of raspberry iced tea.

*When I could find it I would season with "McCormick's Vegetable Delight", however just a little salt enhances the flavor just a well, if not better.

N3T'sH helps Blogger, Janey Loree become a featured blogger over in BLOG VILLAGE!

This blog was set up as a personal blog and so far I have kept it as a collection of poems, music, memories, and pictures that make up the person I am. The members of my immediate family have played a very big part of who I am, touching my heart in the things they have done!

Read more about why I started this blog over in BLOG VILLAGE...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tag, You're It!

I haven't played tag since I taught my two boys and two nieces how to play when they were little! As Sheila writes in her "Tag, You're It! blog post over on Alabama Kitchen Sink, I am supposed to post five things that you don't know about here goes...
  1. I recorded two western songs in Nashville back in 1996 and wish that I had insisted that my dad be my backup singer. He should have been the one recording! You can listen to both songs by using the links in my sidebar...
  2. I am supposed to be working on my cousins' website instead of trying to list five things about myself...
  3. My first car was a 1970 AMC Hornet. It was white with red interior and I had to earn the money for brand new tires, a new 8-track, a new paint job and my dad and I added red pin stripping.
  4. I was born on the same day as John F. Kennedy, Jr., and I was a 10.5 lb turkey (baby!!!)
  5. I've been playing the piano for 40 years. Yikes!!!
I tag: JillBeth, Jan, Steeljaw, & Jackie

Provided by International Bible Society

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