Monday, December 11, 2006

Featured BLOG VILLAGERS in our Community Blog...

In an effort to get to know my fellow BLOG VILLAGERS better, I came across a wonderful idea. Why not interview them! That way I would have a focused way to understand (a little bit) what makes them tick, why they started their blogs, read some very interesting posts, learn new and interesting stuff, and enjoy tons of photos!

Don't get me wrong, the FEATURED VILLAGER is the brainchild of Rosemary, aka Dirty Butter; this is my way of helping bring about the
VILLAGE atmosphere that she is nurturing in BLOG VILLAGE!

Look for the Travel Memories 'n' Fun image in the sidebar, where you will find a list of my interviews with the FEATURED VILLAGERS.

Keep in mind that Sheila at the Alabama Kitchen Sink was the first FEATURED VILLAGER, and Rosemary the BLOG VILLAGE Administrator was third, while yours truly was second and fourth. Even though I did not interview Sheila, Rosemary or myself, I will add us to the list of Fellow VILLAGERS in the sidebar! Follow the links to the first write-ups in the VILLAGE NEWS.

Bill @ New England Photos is my first interview and a couple more are on their way!


Dirty Butter said...

You're doing a wonderful job, Janey Loree! I know I'm enjoying reading all about our Featured Villagers, and I hope others are, too.

Janey Loree said...

Thank you DB. I'm enjoying interviewing my fellow BLOG VILLAGERS!

You're up late...I hope you are up because you want to, not because you can't sleep.

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