Monday, July 23, 2007

My Dad's Family Picture...

This is the only picture that I have of my paternal grandfather. It was taken in 1944. My dad's oldest sister, Francis Loree ( I got my middle name from her) is standing behind my grandfather, Robert Clyde. My dad, George Harvey, is the little 7 year old seated in front of Clyde Robert, and Nelda Grace is standing behind my grandmother, Zetha. There was one more girl that was born a couple of years after this picture was taken and she was my dad's baby sister, Judy. After a plane crash took her parents, my dad's cousin, Ruth (not pictured) became part of the family.

The picture is torn a little and I will have to restore it. There are other pictures of my dad's siblings and my grandmother. But I was only 9 years old when Grandfather Fisher passed away. He was 69 and I always thought it was "pretty cool" that he was born in 1900! I can remember my dad singing "In The Garden" over the phone to my grandfather when he was ill in the hospital. He had cancer. We lived in Nevada at the time and it wasn't until we lived back in Texas and I was a senior in high school that my Grandmother Fisher passed away. She spent the last years of her life in a wheel chair in a nursing home, but my mother and I went to see her on a regular basis. My Dad and brother went on special times and my Aunt Loree took care of her hair and nails and saw her almost every day. Aunt Nelda and Aunt Judy came when they could, they lived farther away. And Uncle Clyde and his family, and Aunt Ruth and her family lived half way across the state of Texas.

Grandpa Fisher was a Chiroprator and back in those days he would travel to the patients' homes to adjust them. My dad told stories of how he would drive his dad from patient to patient and do his homework while he waited in the car. Daddy would take naps too! There is the story of one little blonde headed girl that had a severely swollen head that the medical doctors had given up on. After several adjustments, the swelling went down and the little girl grew up to live a perfectly normal life.

Because my grandfather was a Chiropractor, I have always believed in them and that they are a vital part of the Health profession.

Scripture of the Day:
Acts 4:1-20
from "From Faith To Faith ~ A Daily Guide to Victory by Kenneth And Gloria Copeland

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Naomi said...

Lovely nostalgic post Janey. It's nice that you have this photo of your grandpa. I'm sure it has great sentimental value. Chiropractors still do wonderful work to this day.

Janey Loree said...

Thanks Naomi! Yes, I am thankful we have this picture. Chiropractors have a special place in my heart...or should I say bones!!

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