Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrating Our Country's Independence!!!

Happy 4th of July to Everyone!!! We will be busy today getting ready for our 4th of July Celebration over at the Franklin Field Horsemen's Association stables! It looks like there will be a big turnout tonight starting with the Trail Ride @ 5:30pm. While everyone is out riding their horses, those of us who don't or can't ride will be gathering around the barbecue grills and food tables under the Ash trees. It is supposed to reach 102 degrees today which is cooler than first predicted!

Take care and have a safe 4th of July.

I will be posting pictures of the celebration over on Mustang 'n' Cowboys.

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jan said...

Have a great celebration, Janey. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

The Gatekeeper said...

I know you had an awesome fourth, Janey. It was 103 over here. Just lovely. LOL. Oh, my daughter would sell her car just to have a horse. Stay cool and keep in touch. Nice little fourth of July card btw.

Oh, and our Fourth was dandy.

Janey Loree said...

Jan...the pictures are posted over at Mustang 'n' Cowboys. I need a different lens to capture crisp pictures at night or maybe just know more about my camera!

Gatekeeper, I understand your daughters' love of horses. Until I received my first horse at 11 years old, I drove my parents crazy. Life took me away from owning horses until 2001, but the desire to have them and to be around them did not go away!!!

I am glad that our barbecue was not held on the 5th of was 111, a record breaking day.

Thank you ladies for stopping by even though I have not been able to get over to your blogs!!! I will though!!!

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