Monday, October 29, 2007

Review of the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival...

With a warm cup of coffee in hand and a spin of my mouse, I traveled to Texas for the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival hosted by CyberCelt!

Find out what to do with Pumpkin Seeds, listen to Halloween memories, learn about the status of pumpkins in England, view some fall pictures from my computer, read a ghost story of a Woman in White on All Hallows Eve, and walk through a Canadian November in the first segment of the carnival!

More to read tomorrow or you can go ahead of me right now!!!

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jan said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting the Poodles and me. I lurk at your blogs almost every new post because they are quite enchanting.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jan! Have you heard about the blog carnival that I will be hosting? Would love to have you enter a post about your favorite book or book based movie!

The particulars of the Authors go GONZO! Carnival are in the top post.

Acoustic Guitar said...

Note that touches heart!

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