Thursday, October 04, 2007

Keeping In Touch...

Homespun items available in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe.

When you set down to your correspondence, use a flowery sheet of lined stationery, complimented by a matching envelope and seal. Fold the sheet in half to slip it into a matching "Thinking of You" note card that lets your recipient know you are keeping in touch "Just Because" or by saying "Thank You", "Your Welcome" or "Get Well".

Just think how nice it would be to receive a flowery card in the mail instead of just bills, advertisements, and junk mail! Knowing that someone took the time tosit right down and write themselves a letter to you! Send a postcard to advertise your business or upcoming special event.

To present an unusual gift, gather together these matching items in a sturdy paper gift bag. Select an all-occasion card that matches the occasion, combine note cards, post cards, a paper doll book,
a paper doll coloring book, and scrapbook stickers. Enhance with a matching bookmark, pocket calendar, shopping list, and theme booklet, adding the final touch of a matching gift card to the outside of the gift bag.

For an extra personal touch, personalize the stationery, all-occasion card and gift bag label.
Add your name to a paper doll, too! Choose from the "Universal Paper Dolls", the "Universal Paper Kids", and the "Friends of the World" paper dolls.

Pick out a paper doll, add her stationery, greeting and note cards, bookmarks, calendars, scrapbook stickers,shopping lists, theme booklets, and gift bags. Each doll has a full wardrobe of paper clothes. There are many "art sparks" included to enhance each page of paper clothes.
Just click on the shopping cart(s) to purchase.

"Art sparks" is the special name we gave the clip art that surrounds each page of paper clothes.

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The Gatekeeper said...

Hi Janey, I love this new look. Anyhow, the last time GP Taylor got in touch with me was to say that he was sending a box of books to me. I have not received that box yet. The desert post office, however, has lost many a box of ours. In any case, I emailed him yesterday and an automatic message came up to tell me that he was still on tour. Sigh. I emailed his secretary but no word yet. You are on my list. He told me to check out E-bay and another site. His books are going for $200 or more. Mmmmmm. I am going to keep a few. LOL.

Can't wait, I'm hopping in my chair about the Authors go Gonzo Carnival. Yay!!!! You know I'm there.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Gatekeeper! I don't know why I started this blog with a color other than purple?!! LOL

Keep me on your list for a GP Taylor book. I am looking forward to reading and posting on it!

Thanks for your support in the carnival, I will be posting an advertisement about it on all my blogs this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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