Sunday, June 10, 2007

Half a Reunion...

I say half a reunion only because not all of my mother's brothers and sisters were able to attend our family get together in Oregon last 4th of July! Here is the picture that I promised a couple of posts ago. The butterfly post slipped in!

I love this picture because it is of my
mother and three of her siblings! Seated from left to right are: Reece, Marjorie, Phyllis (my mother) and Shirley. The other four siblings are Beth, Ray, Walter, and Jessie and they were missed!! Beth is the oldest, then Shirley, Ray, Walter, Marjorie, Reece, Phyllis and then Jessie is the baby! I would love to get a picture of all eight of them. I just remembered that my mother drew a picture of her family. I will look for it and post it!

BTW...the pond in the background was built by my mother's brother Reece. It has a spraying fountain out in the middle and the pond is big enough to paddle a canoe in!
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I have missed about three days since the last post mentioning brushing my hair an additional 100 strokes each day! Oops!!! Or as they say nowadays "my bad!"

The word of the day is "leitmotif" \LYT-moh-teef\, noun:
1. In music drama, a marked melodic phrase or short passage which always accompanies the reappearance of a certain person, situation, abstract idea, or allusion in the course of the play; a sort of musical label.
2. A dominant and recurring theme.
I will be incorporating this word into my the title or description.


Naomi said...

It's wonderful when you can have a family reunion like this Janey. Thanks for sharing the photo with us. I'm sure your Mum enjoyed the chance to catch up with her siblings.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Naomi, I love the family reunions! We were supposed to have another one in Oregon this 4th of July, but it has been canceled! Hopefully more of my mother's siblings will show up at the family reunion in Arizona in February of next year!!!

Momma talks with her brothers and sisters on the phone several times a year, but there is nothing like seeing them in person!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

It's nice that your mother enjoys her siblings. What a blessing to be a part of a large family!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin CB! For those of you who don't know, Sharon Lynn is my long lost cousin that I found through BLOG VILLAGE!!! You can read all about it in my March post titled "You're not going to believe this..."

Are you still thinking about going to the Family Reunion in February 2008?

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