Sunday, February 04, 2007

Janey Loree on loosing perspective...

As I looked at my blog this morning, I realized that I was getting away from the original purpose of setting up Notes That Touch The Heart. Even though I use a paperdoll that was created by my mother to introduce the next post to you...the original essence is disappearing.

Granted PJ's Janey Loree is wearing outfits that I wore as a kid; outfits that my mother made for me as I was growing up. But, I have not conveyed to you that while the paperdoll reflects what I looked like at about seven or eight, some of the outfits she will be wearing range all the way to high school. For example, the red dress in the Valentine post was worn when I was in first grade and the white blouse and flowery pant outfit were handmade clothes that I wore in 6th and 7th grade.

As I write this post these outfits remind me of when...I used to twirl my hoola-hoop around my waist for hours or when I lost my first helium balloon, while standing on the front patio that my father put in after we bought the place! I can still remember how upset I was that my balloon had broke it's mooring after I tied it to my little wrist.

It was while we lived on Elm Street in Henderson, Nevada, that I was introduced to Spanish. I remember going next door to Mrs. Gallegos' home to learn, "Ponga la mesa" and how to count in Espanol...for those of you who are not sure, the phrase I just used means "set the table"!

And my earliest memories of music start here on Elm Street as well. My dad installed a stereo system throughout the whole house along with speakers that he placed at the peaks on the front and back of the outside of the house. If you read the post I wrote for the first BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival, "Up with the top, or I'm not going..." you would already know that my father is a singer and he loves music.

He passed his love of music on to me! The music that played over the intercom* was from a radio program called "Silver and Candlelight Music" that transmitted out of Las Vegas. I can't remember specific songs, but I believe with all my heart that I know many, many songs by their tune because I played for hours in the yard as this beautiful instrumental music sifted it's way to center of my very being.

I just remembered a song that would have fit in the category of "Silver and Candlelight"...Ebb Tide!!! This link is to an instrumental rendition of this truly beautiful song. To this day Ebb Tide is one of my favorites that my dad, brother and I sing together!

I will strive to turn the tide of personal posts so that they outweigh the Payperpost posts, blending the two together into a blog that will truly touch your heart.

*Interesting Note: The plants closest to the outside intercoms grew the tallest!

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