Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Goobers By The Beach...

While on a trip to the coast for a dentists appointment, we found a great new place to eat out. The place is "Goobers By The Beach" and it is located next to O'Reillys Bar and Grill in Grover Beach, CA. Only about a block away from the beach on Grand Avenue, this family restaurant is a true treasure!

We had been anticipating a visit to "Goobers By The Beach" for several weeks, ever since Travis and Tony had run into Barbara at the Post Office in our little town 80 miles inland from the Central Coast.
Barbara had worked with my sons out at the prison and has turned her correction officer's uniform in for her dream of owning her own restuarant.

Both Barbara and her husband run Goober's By The Beach and O'Reilly's Bar and Grill.
TnT and my brother ordered hamburgers, while I ordered the "Mother of All Club Sandwiches"! The guys commented on how good their hamburger and fries where, but I can only tell you about my meal. This delectable club sandwich followed a bowl of Cheddar and Brocolli soup that was sprinkled with a savory spice and garnished with parsley.

The club sandwich filled my plate with a combination of lightly toasted bread layered with slices of ham, turkey, lettuce, and tomatoes with just that right touch of a condiment the likes of which I have not tasted before! I opted out on the fries that I could have ordered with this sandwich and I am glad that I did. With my hunger satisfied with the soup, more than half of the Club Sandwich was placed in a container for me to take home. To say the least, this was a left over that didn't go bad in the refrigerator!

"Goobers By The Beach" has not had it's Grand Opening yet and their website is under construction, but I will be sure to let you know the dates for the Grand Opening and when their website link is live! If you are in the area, their coffee is the best that my brother has tasted in years. Stop by for a cup and let them know that the Fisher's sent ya!!!


Sharon Lynne said...

Lovely locks! My hair only seems to grow to a certain point and stop.

I feel silly. I've been checking in at Mustang n Cowboys and I thought...Where is Janey? Did she go on a trip? I hope she's not ill! Then I realized you might be at one of your other blogs.

So here you are and I send you a cheerful greeting.

Janey Loree said...

Thanks CB! I was sick...out for a root canal and found out that Amoxicillian makes me very sick. Third time is a charm, I will never taken it again. Thank you for checking on me.

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