Friday, February 16, 2007

Review my Post Opportunity...

Okay…here is an opportunity for all bloggers to make a little money! For payperpost members, all you need to do is add this badge: to the bottom of ALL your posts giving non-payperpost bloggers a chance to review your post and become a payperpost postie!! For you non-payperpost bloggers, here is a way to earn some money by giving your opinion of the post you just read. And then who knows, you just might want to start earning a little extra cash, too! When you build your page rank to 4 and above, you will start earning some of the big bucks! Right now, if your page rank is 8, you can grab an opportunity to make $1000.00. So, my suggestion to you is to start now by reviewing any post on this blog that boasts the new badge. Start gathering in those great links, build traffic with ppp posts, and join us posties over at My suggestions to me, is to continue to bring great opportunities to my fellow bloggers and bloggettes.

If you want a way to increase blog traffic, and at the same time start a college fund, or a Christmas fund, check out this new program over at!



The GateKeeper said...

I wish we could just review each other's post and get paid for a review. Oh well, blessings on you!

Janey Loree said...

At first that is what I thought we were going to get to do! But they would go broke that way!!

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