Monday, October 16, 2006


I watched a movie on the Slueth channel yesterday that got to me. Randy Quaid played a man (Dillon) that was sentenced to death for murdering three young women. He was sentenced to die in the electric chair. He woke up on the morticians table, to the chagrine of the mayor who won his candidacy because of his stand on the death penalty.
The warden called a psychiatrist in to evaluate the prisoner because Dillon claimed he had no memory of his past. He passed the psych test with no aggressive tendencies, causing a stay of his re-electrocution until he was re-evaluated. Also Dillon was having visions that helped the FBI solve some past and future cases using the sketches he gave them. Among the many visions he had he told the psychiatrist about the man in her life and that she would loose someone close to her.
Dillon finally convinced the psychiatrist to show him everything in his folder and as he watched the horrifying pictures that lay on the table before him and heard the explanations covering the wrongs he had done, he wanted to know how he could do such things.
During his retrial before the mayor, one of the victims' sister testified that she did not see a changed man and told him that "There was no forgiveness from her or from God" when Dillon asked for forgiveness. At this point the prisoner got one of his headaches that proceeded a vision, fell on the floor, started fighting the guards, and threw himself out the window, so that he could find a way to exonerate himself.
He went to a young women's house, broke in, grabbed a knife, called the psychiatrist (who had a tap on her phone along with 24 hour security) and asked her if she would forgive him if he killed again. The call was traced and the police quietly broke into the young women's house to find her sleeping undisturbed by "Dillon", but totally frightened by being awakened by the FBI. The knife was found propped against the womens' bedroom television.
The psychiatrist received one more call from a church where the victim's sister was a special speaker to a group of people victimized by crime. Dillon asked her to "find him" and he put the phone on the table and hid outside among the parked cars. When the sister went to her car, she was confronted by a recently released prisioner. She had protested his release by saying that men like him didn't spend their time in prison regretting what they had done, they looked for someone to blame.
She was right, that someone to blame was her and the prisoner pulled out a gun to shoot her. Dillon stepped in front of two bullets that pierced his heart and upper chest. The police arrived in time to shoot the prisoner. The sister called for an ambulance and the pyschiatrist came running to Dillon's side. The psychiatrist realized the person close to her was Dillon not her FBI guy. Lying in the arms of the sister he had saved, and after the priest read him his last rights, Dillon once again asked for forgiveness. The sister granted him his last right...

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