Friday, March 27, 2009

Foods to Add to Your Grocery List...

5 Foods That Take Years off Your Skin
RealAge's article for today is a good one to keep! Besides being good for you, these foods taste good.

Let's see...Cashew topped baked Salmon with slivers of avocado and tomato garnished with a parsley sprig. Adding a chilled Pomegranate/Green Tea to sip on make this a wonderful lunch that will not only take years off your skin, it will take the pounds off, too. Remember, just a sliver of avocado!

Green Tea


Naomi said...

Sounds good to me Janey. I love things like this! Hope you and your family are all ok. I haven't seen you around the Blogosphere in quite a long time.

Janey Loree said...

As you can see Naomi, by the timing of this posting, I don't seem to have the extra time I need to keep up with all of my blogs!

We are planning a trip to see my folks this May. We will be there for Mother's Day and my mother's 73rd birthday!!!

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