Friday, January 11, 2008

Road Trip!!!

It looks like my brother and I will be going to the Family Reunion in Arizona again this year! The reunion is scheduled for Sunday, February 17 and "The Family" will meet in the desert if it does not rain. There is always a rainy day schedule and we end up gathering in the school gymnasium.

Not only are we going to the reunion, but my brother wants to do some desert running around Quartzsite! He will ride his Honda while Luke (my brother's Chihuahua) and I follow in the desert runner. The last time I stopped in Quartzsite was Christmas of 1977 when my grandparents were still alive and were camped there for the winter.

We probably will do this after a run to Texas to visit my sons in Pecos! I am so excited and will probably forget to take lots and lots of pictures! Not only will I get to see TnT, but I will get to see Kate and her six new puppies, papa Rusty, Cody and Jesse (siblings from the last litter), my horse Oakley, and the mustangs, Cahlibur, Coal, Belle and Clancey!!!

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