Monday, January 14, 2008

PayPerPost Resolution...

Maybe this should be a New Year’s resolution for me…to post about what I love best and to get paid for it? Sometimes, even though I find a “good thing”, time and circumstances do not allow for me to follow through. It’s time to follow through with PayPerPost!

With PayPerPost I HAVE found a “good thing” because I can blog about opportunities that fit the theme of my blog and get paid for it! All I need to do is get into the habit of visiting the PPP website everyday, find the opportunities that I qualify for and blog about it. Oh yeah, and get paid for it! What is really helpful is that PPP gives pointers on bringing up my page rank so that I can qualify for the better paying opportunities.

I found out about PayPerPost through my blogging friends and have shared PayPerPost with some of my new blogging friends. I plan on putting on goggles and steel toed boots to find out what is available in the payperpost labs. What will I find behind link number 1 – titled “Affiliate Sites”, or link number 2 – “Skunk Words” or link number 3 – “Postie Created”? I have a feeling it will be lots of cool stuff to make me more productive as a PayPerPost postie!

I'm not sure what I will use my PPP fortune on...maybe take a trip to Texas to visit my boys or just have some extra spending money!

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